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"Never Trust Overkill" is a new episode of the movie, "Minions" created by Stella Lee.


Never Trust Overkill


One day, Bob, a Minion, was skipping around Gru’s office. Gru, Bob’s boss, used to be a villain, but he stopped because he promised to help the Anti-Villain League. Now Gru is just a normal father of his three daughters and the boss of the Minions who also decided not to help evil anymore.

While Bob was skipping, the doorbell rang. A few seconds later, the door blew up and Scarlet Overkill came in. Scarlet was the Minion's old boss but she did bad things to the Minions so the Minions betrayed her. 

Bob instantly froze. He was terrified. He knew how powerful she was, and he had no way to run away from her.

However, Scarlet Overkill had a smile pressed on her face. She walked up slowly to Bob and Gru.  "Ah, Bob and Gru too, we haven't seen each other for a long time," she said. Gru frowned, but Bob quietly said ‘hi’ to her.

Gru signed her to continue. She said, "I know you are scared of me Bob. I did terrible things in the past. But, I have come here to show that I've changed!" She set her eyes to Bob, "Please believe me...."

Bob thought for a moment. Her words seem to be true. Her eyes were clear too. Bob was so kind that he decided to believe her.

Bob poked Gru in the arm. He said, "Maybe she has changed. If she has, we must lead her on the right path."

Gru stared at Bob. "Do you really think so Bob? Well... You surely know how to read people's minds. Okay, Scarlet. Sit on the sofa," he said.

"Thanks," said Scarlet. "I've come here to talk about treasure."

"Treasure? That's it!" Gru shouted. Scarlet said, "Oh, I don't want it all to myself. If we find the treasure, we can share it together."

Gru thought about this. Finally he spoke, "Okay. It is a good opportunity. All Minions follow me!"

All the Minions climbed into Gru's plane. Everyone flew out of the house except for Gru's daughters.

They soared above the sky and started to look for treasure.

Gru announced, "Scarlet has given me the map. We must go to the nearest seashore fast. Speed up." A few minutes later, they landed.

The map showed that there was treasure under the sea. Gru's plane instantly turned into a submarine. As the map led the Minions deeper into the sea, Gru could see a huge cube. And children inside!

The children were Gru's daughters. Gru and all the Minions crowded to the window. Gru shouted, "My daughters!" Everybody froze in place, but Bob. He jumped out of the submarine. He swam toward the cube and lifted it. He pushed the whole cube inside the submarine. Gru’s daughters got out from the cube, and yelled, "Scarlet did it! And, she's running away!" Gru was furious. He sailed his submarine toward an escaping Scarlet.