Our method of teaching is using imitation and repetition. We believe that the only way for students, especially for Korean students, to really learn English effectively is by imitating native speakers and text in English. Then they must repeat what they have learned in order to remember it. They should be fully immersed in English, and that's what students get from our school.


Students always start each lesson by repeating what was done in the last lesson, this means that students have a chance to talk in English to a native speaker without translating from Korean. Because we do this each class, students will prepare for the review both consciously and unconsciously. At our school, students will learn English, as if they were in the USA or in the UK.


During the lesson the student should repeat what their teachers say to them as much as possible, even when the teacher doesn't ask it. Teachers repeat student's sentences with correct English. So students will gain confidence in class and will be supported to talk more.  


Students with limited English do not need to be scared of taking lessons with our school, even though we use all English. This is because we use imitation and repetition as our main teaching method, and students are able to easily understand everything that is going on in each lesson. Students of every level can enjoy their lessons because they get used to this method and feel comfortable with their teachers.