Teacher: Colleen


My favorite season is summer, because I especially like to go to the water park. I like playing and swimming and I like to eat seafood for dinner.


In the summer, my dad drives us all to the water park. Before I go swimming, I put on my swim clothes. I play in the water with my family, and I especially love to play with my dad. We like to play catch in the water together.


When I get tired of playing in the water, I like to eat strawberry ice cream at the pool. I think strawberry ice cream is delicious, particularly at the swimming pool.


After I eat the ice cream, I like to go down to the spa. The spa has warm water. It is very bubbly and nice. I am very happy when I swim in the spa.


After the spa, I like to have seafood for dinner. We take a car to the restaurant. There is often a long line of people waiting for their table. I like to eat the fish and crabs. I like eating the crab legs the best. The seafood is delicious. I have a lot of fun.


I want to go to the water park again soon. I can't wait to dive in the water and go to the spa again.


Discussion Questions:

Tell me what you understood from the story!


1. What does Chris like to do in the summer?

2. Why does Chris like to go to the water park?

3. What kind of seafood does Chris like?

4. Have you ever been to a water park? What do you want to do at the water park?