Teacher Emily


Hello my name is Candy and this is my summer story. When I was 12, I went to Hong Kong with my mom, Andrew, Andrew's friend and his mom. My dad and Andrew's friend's dad could not come. We stayed in Hong Kong for a long weekend in summer. We stayed in a hotel in two hotel rooms.


I liked travelling by boat from Hong Kong to Macao on Sunday afternoon. Breakfast was American style with toast, oatmeal, oranges, apples, and tangerines. I liked the tangerines best. When I was back in Hong Kong I ate peria-leaves, they were salty and spicy. The food in Hong Kong is a little like Chinese food. We ate noodles with vegetables, they were salty and tasted like rice. We also drank tea. The tea in Hong Kong is very similar to Korean barley tea. When we left I felt sad because I knew I would miss Honk Kong. I felt very tired after the traveling. Overall, it was a wonderful trip! Next summer, I want to go to Hawaii!


Discussion questions


Retell Candy's story.


1. Where did she go on vacation and with who?

2. Where did she travel by boat on Sunday?

3. What did she eat and drink in HongKong?

4. Have you ever been to HongKong?