Teacher: Phoebe

My Summer Story 


Hello, everyone. I'm Bella. Today, I'll tell you a story about my summer. Last summer, I went to the waterpark, AquaJoy, with my friends. There were big slides and small slides. Except I couldn't ride the small slides, because only people who are 150cm tall or shorter can ride those. I was more than 150cm tall, so I could only slide on the big slides. It was a really thrilling and exciting day, because it was the first time I played at AquaJoy with only friends. Thank you for reading my summer story. I hope you go to AquaJoy too. It is a good place to play. Have a nice day, bye.


Discussion questions


Retell Bella's story.


1. Where did Bella go last summer?

2. Which slides couldn't she go on?

3. Why was the experience special?

4. What is your favorite waterpark?