Both the passage and the lecture discuss whether organic foods are good or not. While the passage says there are advantages for consuming organic foods, the lecturer disagrees.


First of all, the passage says humans consume less chemicals and artificial additives when they consume organic products. However, the lecture refutes the passage’s claim, saying organic farmers use natural pesticides which are as bad as the artificial pesticides. He adds that some kind of natural pesticides can even cause fatal effects to human body, such as the Parkinson decease.


Second of all, the passage claims states that organic farming reduces the amount of chemicals introduced to Earth’s land and the water system. The lecture disagrees saying that organic farmers use more land than the others for about 20 percent. The lecture says the organic farmers cut down and burn the trees to make more farming area.


Lastly, the passage claims that buying organic foods helps small farmers to compete with large companies. Again, the lecture disagrees, stating most organic crops are produced by large corporations. The lecturer says that since large corporations are attracted to organic farming, it makes it harder for small farmers to compete.



To sum up, the passage and the lecture argue about consuming organic foods. First, the passage says eating organic products cause positive effect to human body, but the lecturer disagrees, saying that they can cause serious problems. Second, the passage states that organic farming protect environment, while the lecture states organic farming damages the Earth. Last, while the passage claims purchasing organic products helps small farmers, the lecturer says that it only helps the large corporations.