Both the passage and the lecture discuss abolishing minimum wage. While the passage says that it is necessary to get rid of minimum wage, the lecturer disagrees.


First of all, the passage claims that minimum wage increases the rate of unemployment. However, the lecturer says that minimum wage does not affect unemployment rate in any way. The lecturer shows the rate of unemployment of the year the country has adopted the minimum wage law as a reason why. The unemployment rate was steady all along, meaning that minimum wage has not impacted on number of unemployment rate.


Second of all, the passage states minimum wage make companies to move their businesses out of the country with laws about minimum wage. The lecturer refutes the passage’s statement, saying that minimum wage is not the reason why companies move their business. The lecture says that moving companies is because of the cost of living. According to the lecture, most companies move themselves to the country that has cheaper cost of living.


Lastly, the passage says that minimum wage encourages companies buy machine instead of hiring workers. Again, the lecturer disagrees, stating that minimum wage has nothing to do with the companies adopting technology. The lecturer claims that machines are always more efficient than workers.



To sum up, the passage states that it is necessary to get rid of minimum wage, while the lecturer refutes the passage’s statement. The lecturer says that all the reasons that passage has suggested are false, saying that they all have nothing to do with minimum wage.