Even though some people prefer to work in teams, I prefer to work alone. I believe working alone is much more efficient than working in teams.


First of all, tasks get faster done when working alone. Working schedule is much more flexible and stable than working in teams, thus it makes it easier to finish the work faster, and with concentration. For example, if I had to write a paper in teams, I will have to spend lots of time scheduling and arranging portion of work to the members. However, if I work alone, I will dive right into work, not spending unnecessary time and energy.


Second of all, working solo provides less conflicts to face than working in teams. When working in teams, there are numerous problems to face such as group member’s schedule, relationship, dividing problems. However, by working alone, I don’t have to consider these kinds of conflicts and just focus on my work.


Lastly, to work alone prevents the unbalance of members’ amount of task. One time I had an group project, the guy in my group didn’t show up whenever the group was working on the project. My group members had to work more, but our group all received same grade. To prevent such unfair situation caused by the unbalance of task, I think working alone is better.



To sum up, I would choose to work alone rather than work in teams. This is because working alone is more efficient, causes less problems, and working in teams can cause problems of unfairness by members’ task unbalance