Both R&L discussed 'Mozart Effect'

                            = babies can improve their intelligence and creativity after listen Mozart

R-positive benefits,  L-against R


 1. R- a study-> all participants improve their score after listen M. ex) 9 p. of IQ added

    L- test takers: X babies, O college students/ effects gone in 15 min. 


 2. R- by Don Campbell, babies liten to Mozart b4 born=creative than babies X listen to 

           -> so strong= some hospitals buy classic CDs

    L- this argument-> X have actual scientific proves. / since it became pop-> it helps sell CDs

                                                                        = just marketing tool


 To conclude, R&L talked abt Mozart effect= listening  M. helps babies more intelligent and creative 

R- study -> students get higher score after listen M. ,

     argument by Don Campbell-> babies are more creative if litsten M. b4 born

L- participants=college students/ affect went away in 15 min.

    theory-> X scientific basis/ since became pop.= used as marketing tool