Even though some people prefer to learn in school, I think people gain better knowledge from outside of school than in school.


First of all, I believe learning outside of school allows people to have various choices. People have freedom what they want to learn, learning style and the way to learn. For example, I want to be an artist. Thus, I can choose and practice the art theory and drawing, in the way that I am suitable of.


Second of all, by gaining knowledge outside of school, people get to gain practical knowledge. In school, information is not useful in real lives. Knowledge earned in school such as algebras do not help people to do their dishes, go to work and do their work. However, knowledge gained outside of school, practiced by actions, are often used in real life situations,



To sum up, I think it is more helpful to learn outside of school than in school. This is because first, people have the freedom to choose outside of school, and second, there is no useful knowledge learned in school compared to the knowledge gained outside of school.