While some people believe that schools should put emphasis on STEM, I think that schools should put same amount of focus on humanities courses compared to science and mathematics.


First of all, humanities is valuable for society. I believe researches and works in humanities area are much more important than engineering. For example, an art museum can be benefitable towards the society. It attracts people and therefor, help its society to earn money.


Second of all, I think humanity courses can help students develop their complex stages of emotion. By learning various types of humanities, such as literature, arts, music, and social studies, make students to feel compassion and kindness compared to STEM. When I first learned about the life of Vincent van Gough’s artworks, I felt warmth from his artwork. Later on when I had to do my essays and when I talked to people, I use words and sentences which can make people feel warmth.



Lastly, students can be more involved to the society by learning humanities. Humanity courses like history and human behavior help people understand human society better, helping them to continue mingling and fit to the society when they get older, compared to solving algebra and memorizing the atom table.