Although some people think that celebrities are overpaid, I believe that celebrities deserve the money they earn.


First of all, the money they earn is cost of celebrities’ exposure of their privacy. There is a vague border between privacy and celebrities’ broad lives. And most of famous celebrities often suffer from illegal acts like paparazzies. For example, Britney Spheres, the singer, suffered from harsh paparazzi issues and rumors about her private life, which eventually leave her a serious trauma, leading to drug problems


Second of all, since the companies that sponsor celebrities gain much more profits than the celebrities do, I think that it is not right to say that the celebrities are overpaid. In the entertainment business, it is a current mechanism where the celebrities work, then the entertainment company get money, next celebrities get paid by the companies. In the Korean entertainment world, there is a concept of agency, where the celebrities work for the agency and get paid indirectly. By this process, the companies take about 60% of the celebrities’ profit, and the rest of it goes to the celebrities.



To sum up, I think that the money celebrities earn are not overpaid. First, the money they get is for celebrities’ exposure of their invasion of privacy. Second, the agency company that the celebrities work for often takes most profit from celebrities.