There are lots of qualities that role models should have. However, there are some of most important values a good role model should have. I think good role models are people who are righteous and tolerant. I have reasons to support my answer.


First of all, I think it is essential for a good role model to be righteous. Even though someone is likable and charismatic, if that person has a distorted set of values, I don’t believe that person will be an ideal role model. For example, Magneto, the character in X-men, is very charismatic and good at gathering people up. However, he has a wrong ideal form of utopia, the Earth with no homo-sapience. I don’t think people would want to become like Magneto.


Second of all, I believe a good role model should be tolerant. People can learn various values from a person who are trustworthy. People can learn how to embrace all kinds of people, and the way to interact with people smoothly. For instance, my mother is always being nice and polite to others, despite of people’s age and looks. I learned to socialize with others in my mother’s way, and this always helped me when I faced all kinds of different people.



To sum up, the most important qualities a good role model should require is right sense of justice and tolerance.