While some people like to write out notes by hand. I prefer to take notes using a computer.


First of all, taking notes on computer is much more convenient than writing by hand. Typing is much faster than writing on paper. Typing on computer is much faster, and since computers have many functions to help people write such as predictive text input, it is easier for people to take notes.


Second of all, notes taken on computer are easy to store and find than notes taken by hand. Since I am not good at memorizing where I have placed my belongings, missing notes written on Post-its occurs fairly often, and it takes long time to find my notes. However, notes saved on computer always stays on my computer, and even if I forgot where I saved my notes, all I need to do is browse on file explorer.



To sum up, I prefer to take notes using a computer than write out notes by hand on paper. First, it is faster and easier than writing note on paper. Second, notes saved in computer are convenient to keep and find.