The most memorable place I have visited was Paris in France, and I visited there two years ago. I have two reasons why.




First of all, Paris was very memorable because it had so many art galleries and museums. I am fond of seeing artworks, the main purpose of visiting Paris was to visit famous art galleries in Paris. It was very shocking to see art galleries standing side by side. Since my home city has few art galleries, to visit those galleries was very enjoyable and entertaining to me.




Second of all, it is because it was my first family trip abroad. I was very excited to travel around Paris since it was my first family trip. Our family visited various historic sites and restaurants and traveled around Paris by bus and subways. Though it was a bit hard to travel around city with public transportation, the memory of it lasted long.




To sum up, the most memorable place I have visited was Paris. First, the density of art galleries astonished me. Second, it was the first family vacation we went on abroad.