There are many controversies about the importance of leaders and their followers. While some believe leaders are more important than woman, I believe that followers are just as important as leaders.


First of all, leaders cannot exist without the followers. without people, leaders lose their powers, and they cannot exist anymore. How can kings or queens exist without the people to lead? How can Napoleon win the war without the soldiers who actually fight? Will Kim’s empire in North Korea stay solid without the people? I do not think so.


Second of all, leader’s destiny can be decided by the followers. If it comes to leaders who are leading large number of people, the people’s decision whether to follow the leader or not can be fatal to the leader. For example, Jesus Christ, had many followers. However, after the people had changed their mind and turn their face away from Jesus, Jesus was sentenced crucifixion.



To sum up, I think the leaders need the followers as much as followers need leaders. First, leaders cannot exist without followers. Second, followers decision can be fatal to the leaders.