Although some people think computer games are good entertainment, I believe that computer games are waste of time.


First of all, there are plenty of better entertainments then computer games like reading, sports, drawing, which are both productive and fun. While computer games are only designed for cheap thrills, others, books, for example, can teach people lessons and also give excitement.


Second of all, since computer games are addictive, computer games can be harmful to people. Since computer games are a way of escaping from reality, computer games can addict young kids, teenagers, and even adults. When I was in elementary school, I got addicted to the computer games called `League of Legend’ and played it for hours every single day. I didn’t get enough sleep at night because I was playing games all night long and couldn’t stay awake in the daytime. Eventually, this leads to unbalance of the biological cycle, and I had to visit the hospital for game addiction therapy.



To sum up, I think that computer games are waste of time. First, there is plenty of alternative entertainment beside of computer games, which are productive. Second, computer games can be harmful because it is very addictive for young.