Some people think that the automobile was the best invention in history. However, I believe that the computer was better invention than the automobile.


First of all, while automobiles only allow people in short distance to interact, computers allow people to interact regardless of distance. People are able to meet, talk and socialize using computers. Ever since globalization has begun, people nowadays are necessary to interact with others in far distance. Computers enable people to satisfy this important modern people’s desire.


Second of all, the computer was the matrix of other important inventions. After the computer was invented, many scientists and inventors used the base mechanism of the computer to make something that will make life easier and faster. Eventually, they were able to invent things which became a turning point in history, such as the phone, Enigma, and various programs.


To sum up, I think the computer was better invention than the car. First, the computer allows people to meet others without limit of distance. Second, the computer gave birth to various important inventions.