Some people think that to win at games every time is good for children. However, I believe that it is just as beneficial for children to lose at games as it is for them to win.


First of all, children can learn to tolerate to lose by losing in games. Parents or teachers should learn their own children or students to accept failure and learn from the past since people cannot win or succeed in every task they do. On the other hand, children who didn’t experience losing in games can get fatal damage by failure and may even fear about failure due to the absence of experiencing loss.


Second of all, losing in games makes children evaluate their ways to win the game. As many people say “Failure is but the threshold of succeed”, children learn to practice and find various ways to clear the task, as they do their best to win the game after losing. While children who clear the game stage at one time would only be able to know one way to win the game, children who fail would study deep into the task and practice.



To sum up, I think losing at games is as good as winning for children, First, children would accumulate their experience on losing. Second, losing in games makes children to think the way to win the game in various ways.