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21 Only real, genuine Native Speakers from the US and the UK.
EnglishAloud Kevin
7083   Apr 21, 2009
English Aloud takes pride in saying that we have NO teachers from the Philippines, India, or South Africa - only real, genuine native speakers. Obviously this is so that you and your child can experience and learn true, native English. With ...  
20 Evaluation Reports
5845   Apr 21, 2009
We provide a great service to students of all levels through our evaluations, which determine the level of your student and place them at an appropriate teaching level so that they can succeed. Every 3 months teachers will fill-out an evalua...  
19 Reminders
6404   Apr 21, 2009
If a student does not come online in time for the lesson, a message reminder will be sent to the parents' or student's mobile phone. In some cases, the office may call you to remind you. This is the only option for reminders at our s...  
18 Our teachers live in the US or in the UK while they are teaching.
6694   Apr 21, 2009
Our teachers are differentiated because they are not living in Korea or China. Generally they're living in the US or in the UK. This circumstance gives our school a lot of advantages. For example, our teachers can wake up bright and earl...  
17 One lesson is 26 minutes.
6270   Apr 21, 2009
One lesson is 26 minutes. The reason our classes are longer than other schools is for your benefit. If the class is only 10 minutes, then after everyone says "hello" the class is over! We believe in having a class that lasts longer to really...  
16 Our teacher training system
5088   Apr 27, 2009
Our school has systematic teacher training. All teachers participate in an orientation when they begin at our school, which lasts at least one week. The teachers learn about out school's methods as well as concepts for online teaching. W...  
15 If there are any questions about English, please contact us.
5820   Apr 29, 2009
In addition to our well-established teaching services, if students have any document, homework or letters they need help with, our teachers are more than happy to help your students with their studies during the lessons. We try to accomodate...  
14 One-on-one teaching
6175   Apr 30, 2009
The method our teachers use is one-on-one teaching. This allows your student to receive the full attention of the teacher and have all of their language-learning needs met. It's no secret that this is the best method available. Our teach...  
13 We use Skype.
5698   Apr 30, 2009
We are using the best VOIP service available Skype . We are not using any substandard phone service and therefore we have the best video and audio quality there is to offer. We pride ourselves on this. In addition, students don't need to...  
12 English-Aloud is at least 30% cheaper than other online schools
6347   Jul 24, 2009
We are providing a great service for an affordable price. In addition, we have better management and better lesson plans which makes our school the definitive choice. The reason why our school fees are so low is that we don't have sales ...  
11 Mothers can join in the lessons if the students are very young students.
7389   Aug 19, 2009
Mothers can join in the lessons if the students are elementary school (or younger) students. We enjoy when mothers join the classes as it promotes comfortable learning. The student and the mother can practice together outside of class. Also,...  
10 S.O.S - calls
5573   Sep 01, 2009
If the computer is broken or having problems then there might be some difficulties. Then the teachers will call the student using the student's home phone number and teach over the phone. If the student is out of town and is not able to ...  
9 Go on vacation with English Aloud!
4714   Aug 30, 2011
If you are connected to the Internet, you can take our lesson anywhere, for example on the beach, on an island or in the USA or in Europe. You have wonderful time with your loving family all day long on the beach and in the evening, you can ...  
8 Teacher's Party
5422   Aug 30, 2011
We have Teachers' Parties every month, usually on the last day of the month. The students will be invited by their teachers to come to the party. There they will find other students learning English just like them. There are two host te...  
7 Roll-switching days
4142   Aug 31, 2011
Every month we have special days where students get to act as teachers. Students present to their teacher on a topic, in English. They can choose to continue with their textbooks or teach about something that is interesting or special to the...  
6 Multimedia Writing Festival
5285   Aug 31, 2011
Multi-Media Writing Festival Every year in December we have a contest for students. Students can submit a written speech with or without a video on a specific topic. Students work together with our American teachers during their lessons to ...  
5 Imitation and Repetition
4985   Sep 06, 2011
Our method of teaching is using imitation and repetition. We believe that the only way for students, especially for Korean students, to really learn English effectively is by imitating native speakers and text in English. Then they must rep...  
4 수강하시고 실망하시면 환불해드립니다.
3178   Jul 13, 2012
신입생인 경우: 수강 중 첫번째 달에 환불을 요구하시면 남은 수업의 수업료를 전액 환불해드립니다. 화상영어가 처음이거나 잉글리쉬 어라우드를 잘 모르는 경우 일단 수업해보시고 수업이 학생 생각과 다르거나 마음에 안드실 경우, 잔여 수업의 수업료 100%...  
3 좋은 화상영어 선택 요령을 알려드립니다.
Aloud Kevin
4141   Jul 13, 2012
좋은 화상영어는 좋은 강사와 함께합니다. 소질 있는 강사가 학생 개개인에 맞춘 좋은 프로그램으로 성의있게 수업해야 합니다. 그러기 위해선 학원 내 훌륭한 학습 프로그램이 있어야 하고 또 적절한 강사 교육시스템으로 지원해야 합니다. 학원의 분위기 또...  
2 Our school versus traditional Korean English academies
3449   Jun 06, 2013
If you choose our school, you are choosing success in English learning. Taking lessons at EnglishAloud offers many benefits that a traditional English Academy does not, such as personalized one-on-one lessons with a native speaker. These le...