2018.03.28 22:54

It is very important for employees to decide whether to seek advancement or stay in their original positions. While some people believe they should try hard to get promoted, I don’t think employees should always try to seek advancement at their jobs.


First of all, I think by working for only an external purpose like promotion and or one’s reputation, it’s easy to lose one’s internal purpose such as a sense of accomplishment. Thus, employees should obtain satisfaction by their work, not by their wage. If people only work hard for the purpose of getting promoted, I think they will become disappointed and feel skepticism at some point.


Second of all, it is good to stay in a position if it suits oneself, because one will do one’s best at their job. On the other hand, getting promoted when the higher job doesn’t suit one’s aptitudes and interests, I believe this would just cause employees stress. When I worked at McDonalds, for instance, I worked very hard as a cashier only to get promoted to have a managerial position, while in reality serving products like Big Macs and French fries to the consumers better suited my disposition. However, when I finally got promoted, I found out that I was doing a horrible job at managing staff, which eventually caused me to chuck my job.



To sum up, I think it is not a good idea to try hard all the time to seek advancement. First, employees get distracted by their external success when they try to get promoted all the time. Second, it is best to stay in the position which suits them.


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