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Notice For Parents: Outline of Writing Lessons to supplement English Aloud's Writing Contest
473   Oct 28, 2015
278 Judy secret
10   Oct 15, 2018
This is a secret article.  
277 Retin A for melasma
25   Oct 12, 2018
  How to put on Retin A / Stieva A for Melasma   Stieva A, the brand (trade) name of Retin A in Korea, is a Vitamin A derivative (tretinoin) cream. It can be applied on the face for melasma treatment, However, some patients are told to put o...  
276 TOEFL writing 3
25   Jun 01, 2018
Some people think that to win at games every time is good for children. However, I believe that it is just as beneficial for children to lose at games as it is for them to win.   First of all, children can learn to tolerate to lose by losing...  
275 TOEFL writing pg107 2
22   May 29, 2018
Some people think that the automobile was the best invention in history. However, I believe that the computer was better invention than the automobile.   First of all, while automobiles only allow people in short distance to interact, comput...  
274 TOEFL writing 2
16   May 24, 2018
Although some people think computer games are good entertainment, I believe that computer games are waste of time.   First of all, there are plenty of better entertainments then computer games like reading, sports, drawing, which are both pr...  
273 TOEFL 2
38   May 15, 2018
There are many controversies about the importance of leaders and their followers. While some believe leaders are more important than woman, I believe that followers are just as important as leaders.   First of all, leaders cannot exist witho...  
272 Tofel 2
29   May 09, 2018
  The most memorable place I have visited was Paris in France, and I visited there two years ago. I have two reasons why.       First of all, Paris was very memorable because it had so many art galleries and museums. I am fond of seeing artw...  
271 tofle 1
32   May 04, 2018
While some people like to write out notes by hand. I prefer to take notes using a computer.   First of all, taking notes on computer is much more convenient than writing by hand. Typing is much faster than writing on paper. Typing on compute...  
270 104 prompt 4 1
31   Mar 28, 2018
It is very important to decide to seek advancement or stay in their original position. While some people believe they should always try hard to get promoted, I don’t think employees should always try to seek advancement at their job.   First...  
269 pg102 promt 3 2
19   Mar 21, 2018
There are lots of qualities that role models should have. However, there are some of most important values a good role model should have. I think good role models are people who are righteous and tolerant. I have reasons to support my answer...  
268 TOEFL writing pg 102 2
24   Mar 16, 2018
If some tourists wanted to travel to one city in my nation, Korea, I would recommend Seoul, the capital city of Korea. I have two reasons to support my answer.   First of all, since Seoul is capital city of Korea, there are plenty of tourist...  
267 TOEFL writing pg 102 prompt 1 2
28   Mar 14, 2018
Although some people think that celebrities are overpaid, I believe that celebrities deserve the money they earn.   First of all, the money they earn is cost of celebrities’ exposure of their privacy. There is a vague border between privacy ...  
266 96 tofle 3
41   Mar 05, 2018
While some people believe that schools should put emphasis on STEM, I think that schools should put same amount of focus on humanities courses compared to science and mathematics.   First of all, humanities is valuable for society. I believe...  
265 toefl writing page.35 1
24   Feb 26, 2018
 Both the reading and the lecture discuss about Mozart Effect, which is a theory that babies can improve their intelligence and creativity after listen to Mozart. The reading says that Mozart effect benefits positively, but the lecture again...  
264 pg 93 2
22   Feb 20, 2018
Although some people are against public transportation, I think that cities should spend more money to construct public transportation system. I have two reasons to support my claim.   First of all, using public transportation decrease pollu...  
263 TOFEL writing pg 88 2
18   Feb 13, 2018
Even though some people prefer to learn in school, I think people gain better knowledge from outside of school than in school.   First of all, I believe learning outside of school allows people to have various choices. People have freedom wh...  
262 toefl writing pg.35
25   Feb 13, 2018
 Both R&L discussed 'Mozart Effect'                             = babies can improve their intelligence and creativity after listen Mozart R-positive benefits,  L-against R    1. R- a study-> all participants improve their score after li...  
261 TOEFL writing pg 85 2
28   Feb 09, 2018
Even though some people prefer to work in teams, I prefer to work alone. I believe working alone is much more efficient than working in teams.   First of all, tasks get faster done when working alone. Working schedule is much more flexible a...  
260 TOEFL writing pg 73 3
21   Feb 02, 2018
Both the passage and the lecture discuss abolishing minimum wage. While the passage says that it is necessary to get rid of minimum wage, the lecturer disagrees.   First of all, the passage claims that minimum wage increases the rate of unem...  
259 toefl writing pg. 32 2
15   Jan 31, 2018
 Both the reading and the lecture talks about lactose intolerance. The reading states that when people do not eat dairy, their bodies stop making enzymes and this is the reason why lactose intolerance occurs. On the other hand, the lecture d...