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308 Alex's Homework February 14th, 2019 file
5   Feb 14, 2019
307 Sandman file
6   Feb 13, 2019
306 The Wizard's Vacation file
6   Jan 30, 2019
305 Skydiving Baby file
9   Jan 14, 2019
304 Kate the Cow---Park Sunwoo file
9   Jan 04, 2019
303 Sun Woo's Story December 5th, 2018
20   Dec 05, 2018
  Mr. Tabby the Cat Spy      Once upon a time there was a cat named Mr. Tabby. Mr. Tabby moved into a new house near  Duck Village. Mr. Tabby had a secret job working as a spy. Today was the first day in his new house. Mr Tabby was so tired ...  
302 About John Kim's class - Question 1 secret
6   Feb 28, 2018
This is a secret article.  
301 John's homework January 11th, 2018 1
29   Jan 11, 2018
Write 5 sentences about your favorite animal.  
300 Tommy Lee: Homework January 4th
23   Jan 04, 2018
Write a few sentences about your life in Dubai.  
299 John Kim's classwork December 27th, 2017
49   Dec 27, 2017
There is a cat fishing in the pool. There is a boy wearing two swimming goggles. The lifeguard is an octopus. There is a shark in the swimming pool. There is a chair wearing socks. There is a boy making a snowman. There is a walrus playing t...  
298 Last Summer Story _ Jason Myoung.
32   Dec 27, 2017
                   Last summer I went to Krabi in Thailand. It was a peaceful place with a lot of natural beauty. I stayed at a high-class resort in Phulay Bay. Phulay Bay is a wonderful place that is famous because it was featured in a 007 ...  
297 SunWoo Park, 10-year-old, Gwancheon, 2017/18
22   Dec 27, 2017
296 John Kim's Homework December 14th 2 file
53   Dec 14, 2017
295 about John Kim's class 2 secret
4   Dec 12, 2017
This is a secret article.  
294 John Kim's homework December 7th 2017-winter story 1 file
17   Dec 07, 2017
293 John Kim's Homework November 23rd 2
20   Nov 23, 2017
Homework: Write 5 sentences about your weekeend example: I went to the park with my family  
292 Joseph's class work November 9th, 2017
27   Nov 09, 2017
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17uWz5gath4 Josh and Johnny went to “Seafood Heaven” in Incheon. It was a giant seafood market. They saw lots of different types of seafood, including crab and octopus. They bought a lot of seafood...  
291 Dou's homework 1
16   Oct 20, 2017
I play my boyfrierd. My ball is far . I tell  my frierd. I buy the  dou I play the plane  
290 Mike's Class with Alex in June 2017
26   Aug 03, 2017
화상영어 잉글리쉬_어라우드 수업 동영상 Textbook: Reading Starter 3 (Compass Media) Book Level(레벨): Middle School Teacher: Mike, EnglishAloud (http://aloud.kr) Student: Alex, 10 years old, Seoul, Korea  
289 Sun Woo's Homework July 5th 2017
21   Jul 05, 2017
In the video they went to eat beef. In Korea we called it flower beef, but Ollie said it should be called “lightning beef” because it looks like the cow was struck by lightning. When they finished their beef, they ate a special s...