At the hospital


Sunhi's mother is at the hospital.

She is not sick.

She is not visiting a friend there, either.

Can you guess why she is there?

Yes, she is having a baby.


Sunhi has a baby sister.

"Wow, she is cute," says Sunhi.

"Can I play with her?"

"Soon," Mom says to Sunhi.

"She is sleeping now."


1. What is the story about?

A. Sunhi's mother is sick.

B. Sunhi's mother is having a baby.


2. What is the baby doing now?

A. She is sleeping

B. She is playing.


3. Can Sunhi play with the baby now?

A. Yes, she can play with her sister.

B. No, she cannot, but later.


4. Why cannot she play with her sister?

A. Because she is crying.

B. Because she is too young.


5. Choose and Write


baby, sister, hospital, sick

1. He has a brother and a _________.

2. Doctors work at the _________,

3. A little ______ can't run

4. I'm ______. I have a cold.


grow, phone, travel, world

1. The _______ is ringing.

2. There are many countries in the _______.

3. Children _______ very quickly.

4. I want to _______ to China.


bake, bowl, spoon, cookies

1. Don't use your fingers. Use a _______.

2. Do you want a _______ of soup?

3. Mom will _______ a cake.

4. I like chocolate chip _______.


6. Speaking & Writing:

Do you have brothers or sisters?

Talk about them!