Most people live in houses. But Mr. Sun lives in a bus! Mr. Sun does not like to live in the same place all the time. He said, I will get a bus. Then I can live in many places.” Mr. Sun got a bus. He put a bed, a TV and other things into the bus. Now when Mr. Sun is ready to live in another place, he just rides away.


1-1. The best title is ___
(a) Mr. Sun plays a game
(b) A bird flies away
(c) A man talks a lot about everything.
(d) A man who lives in a bus


1-2. The story says that most people ___
(a) Want to work.
(b) Ride on bikes.
(c) Live long.
(d) Live in houses.


1-3. The story says Mr. Sun has ___
(a) a goat
(b) a TV
(c) a toy bus
(d) no money


1-4. You can tell that Mr. Sun ___
(a) Cannot walk.
(b) Has three toys
(c) Sleep in his bus.
(d) Has many children.


1-5. Why he wants to live in a bus?
(a) He doesn't have enough money.
(b) Living in a bus is very comfortable.
(c) He wants to watch TV in a bus.
(d) He wants to travel a lot.


2. Please talk about Mr. Sun for one minute!


3. Please write down what you have talked about him!


4. 18 questions:
In the following letter there are some mistakes. Please choose the best answers!


Dear Mr. Kim


At last I (1:am, 2:have, 3:was) arrived here in New York!


I am very (1:exciting, 2:excited, 3:cold) - everything is so big, and people (1:moves, 2:moving, 3:move) so fast. I'm sure I'll enjoy (1:X, 2:it, 3:so) very much.


(1:Actually, 2:Too, 3:At the moment) I (1:stay, 2:am staying, 3:stayed) in a hotel.


It is quiet, so I sleep all right, not too expensive, and near to (1:the, 2:a, 3:X) centre, which is very convenient.

I (1: am thinking of looking, 2: think to look, 3: have) for a small apartment to rent.


I would prefer (1: live 2: to live 3: X) in an apartment (1: but 2: rather than 3: X) a hotel.


(1: For me the hotels are very good places 2: I think hotels are a very good place 3: I don't think hotels are very good places) to stay for more than few days, and in an apartment you are (1: more independence 2: more independent 3: independenter).


I (1: didn't tell 2: didn't tell you 3: haven't told you) about my job.


I am working three days a week as (1: a 2: the 3: X) receptionist at another hotel near this one, called (1: a 2: the 3: X) Metropole.


A lot of people who work there (1: are 2: is 3: X) Spanish or German, and their English isn't good, (1: too 2: to 3:either).


Yesterday I (1: have bought 2:bought 3: buyed) the book you asked me to get. See you!






the right answers: 1-d, 2-d, 3-a, 4-b, 5-b, 6-e, 7-a