Exploring Ethiopia with Anthony Bourdain
I. Video-Listening Topic:
If you have time, please watch the two videos (they are very short)

Key Vocabulary:
Misunderstood: (adjective, past verb) not understood
Stereotypes: (noun plural) a specific type you expect instead of seeing the true characteristics or something or someone
Boom: (noun) a time 
Era: (noun) a period of time
Economic: (adjective) related to economy or money 
rootless: (adjective) without a home or base, without an origin

shed light on: (expression) to bring attention and focus to some topic

Video 1-“Ethiopia glides into a new era” http://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2015/10/20/ethiopia-skateboard-parts-unknown-bourdain.cnn
1. What is ‘gersha,’ the eating tradition in Ethiopia, described in the video?
2. When did the woman being interviewed leave her home in Ethiopia?
3. Does the Ethiopian café they are in look nice?
4. “The median age in Ethiopia is under 18,” what does this mean and why is it unlike other countries?
5. What does it mean to have rootless existence?
6. Is this a hopeful time in Ethiopia? Why? 
7. What sport did Anthony film in Ethiopia? Did this surprise you? Is it 
popular in Korea with young people?

Video 2-  “A very personal look at Ethiopia” http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/25/travel/ethiopia-journal-bourdain-parts-unknown/index.html

1. Why is Ethiopia very misunderstood country? Do you have stereotypes about African countries in South Korea?
2. Does Ethiopia have a long history of Christianity?
3. Explain the quote: “there’s a construction boom here that rivals China and Dubai” 
4. Did the food look good to you? Did you enjoy the music?
5. What does it mean to shed a light on some topic? What do these videos shed light on?