Season 1 Episode 3 “Headhunters”



Wax museum: (noun) a collection of famous or important people made of wax [candle material]

Sculptor: (noun) [skulp-tour] a person who makes 3D artworks

Investigate: (verb) to find information and/or evidence about something

Footprint: (noun) the shape or mark of a foot on the earth or floor

Sculpture: (noun) [skullp-tchur] a piece of 3D artwork

Murder: (noun) the killing

Come to life: (verb phrase) become alive

Cursed: (adjective) hurt or changed by some bad magic

1.    What type of museum do Mabel and Dipper discover in this episode?

2.    Who does Mabel create using wax? Is she a good sculptor?

3.    What mystery do Mabel and Dipper decide to investigate the morning after the wax museum opening? Do the police men want their help?

4.    How do the footprints the twins follow look different?

5.    Why isn’t the strong red-haired man ‘the lumberjack’ the wax sculpture killer? (hint: think about hands)

6.     Who do Mabel and Dipper decide is the Stan wax sculpture murderer first? 

7.    Is Gruncle Stan upset about the ‘murder’?

8.    Who is/are the true murderers?

9.    When do the sculptures ‘come to life’?

10.  Why do the other wax sculptures hate Gruncle Stan?

11. How do the children fight the cursed sculptures?

12.  How does the sun save Dipper?