Gravity Falls Season 1 Episode 18 “Land Before Swine”

reckon: to think or guess

Attraction: (noun) exciting and/or interesting thing to look at (or experience).

Solitary: (adjective) alone, without other people

Snatched: (verb) grabbed

Develop [film]: (verb) to change the film from a camera into a real photo.

Victim: (noun) a person who is hurt in some way

React: (verb) act after

Pterodactyl: (noun) a flying dinosaur

Abandoned: (adjective/verb) left behind, lonely, barren

Screw up: (verb) to ruin or destroy something

Geyser: (noun) a hot spring with high pressure that causes water to shoot out in a column shape


1. What happens to the police car one dark night? BONUS: What creature was seen flying in the distance?

2.BONUS: What does Mabel want to do in her solitary time with Waddles (the pig)? What secret does Mabel tell Wobbles?

3. BONUS: What do Zeus and Dipper read about in the newspaper? (extra points if you use the vocabulary word)

4. Why do Great Uncle Stan and Mabel begin to fight?

5. What does Mabel decide she MUST have? Who does she ask to babysit Waddles?

6. What does Dipper see in the developing photograph? Who is the next victim of this creature?

7. How does Mabel react when she finds Waddles missing? BONUS: What does Great Uncle Stan say is the ‘good news’?

8. How do the characters know where to look for Waddles?

9. Where does the creature live? And where did it come from? Describe the place.

10. Which character ‘screwed up’ and lost the path or trail?

11. Describe the first action of the baby pterodactyl.

12. BONUS: What useful information does Zeus share about Pterodactyls?

14. Who defeats the pterodactyl, and how do the characters escape? (extra points if you use the vocabulary word)


Gravity Falls Season 1 Episode 17 “Boyz Crazy”

smile dip: the drug/candy Mabel ate in the episode at the haunted convenience store

non threatening: not causing worry or danger

bloated: oversized, excessive

mass produce: to make in large numbers, with the purpose of selling at a low cost

stand [someone] up: to not come to a planned date or event that someone invited you to

change [someones] mind: to change the thought or decision of a person

sneak: to go somewhere secretly

clone: (noun) a copy of a living thing

genetically engineered: made by the change and manipulation of DNA

backstage: (noun) a place behind the stage where musicians relax before and after the show

boy crazy: (expression) crazy about boys

  1. Why is Mabel so excited? What is she doing to show her excitement?

  2. Is anyone else excited? How do Dipper and Wendy feel about Sev'ral Times?

  3. Discussion question: Do the members of the group sound and look the same?

  4. Why is Wendy angry with Robbie? What does she want to do? How does Robbie make Wendy change her mind?

  5. What do Mabel and her friend discover when they sneak backstage?

  6. BONUS: Who controls the members of Sev'ral Times

  7. What mystery is Dipper trying to solve?

  8. Mabel begins to act strangely, why? What does she want?

  9. How does Wendy react when she learns the truth about Robbie's song?

  10. Guess-the-meaning question: In the end of the episode Mabel apologizes to her friends for 'going bonkers,' what do you think that means?

  11. What does Mabel decide to do with Sev'ral Times?


Season 1 Episode 16 “Carpet Diem”

total domination: (expression) total/complete control or winning of a game/contest/competition

sleepover: (noun) a friendly gathering where friends sleep together in the same room

makeover: (noun) the application of makeup (usually in a store or salon)

reasonable: (adjective) following reason or logic

suck up: (verb phrase) to be nice and helpful to someone for personal benefit

static charge: (expression) electricity or charge on the surface of an object or material

sabotage: (verb) to damage or prevent someone/something

a raise: (term) a higher amount of pay or salary for work

a pay cut: (term) a lower amount of pay or salary for work

  1. At the beginning of the episode the twins are having fun. What game are they playing?

  2. What causes Dipper to be unhappy about sharing a room?

  3. What happens when Dipper tries to sleep outside?

  4. Why is Mabel sometimes annoyed by sharing a room with Dipper?

  5. The twins go to ask Gruncle Stan for different rooms, is he reasonable?

  6. What does Soos find?

  7. Describe the magical/technological object in the room.

  8. Dipper and Mabel begin to fight over the room? BONUS: What does Soos think about the new room?

  9. Gruncle Stan wants the children to 'suck up' to him, what does this term mean? Can you give an example of 'sucking up' (from the video or from real life).

  10. What does the magical object do to the twins?

  11. Dipper wants to keep Mabel's body so he can sabotage her. What does sabotage mean and why does he want to sabotage his sister?

  12. What happens to Soos because of the magical object? Is he happy with the change?

  13. What happens when the crazy old man sees Soos [in his new body]?

  14. How is being a pig helpful to Soos [romantically and financially]?

  15. What do the twins decide to do about the extra room? Do they understand eachother better now?

Gravity Falls: Season 1 Episode 14 “Bottomless Pit”


Bottomles pit: (noun) a pit [hole] with no end or bottom

puberty: (noun) a time between childhood and adulthood, when the body and voice may change

Potion: (noun) a magical drink

-less: (suffix) without, with no

upset: (adjective) unhappy/angry

prank call: (expression) a trick/joke call

remix: (noun) a fast, new, and musical version of some other audio

bend the truth: (expression) to lie [a little]

fib: (verb) to tell an lie that is not very important (noun) an unimportant lie

candid: (adjective) truthful

the greater good: a common expression which refers to the fact that you are doing something that most likely will not benefit one or two nearby people but will benefit most people, a community or even all humans


1. What is a bottomless pit?

2. What happens to Great Uncle ‘Gruncle’ Stan, the children, and Zeus at the bottomless pit?

3. What do they do as they fall down the pit?

--------Story 1--------- Dipper’s Story---------

4. Why is Dipper upset about the way he speaks?

5. What does the green potion [magical drink] Dipper drinks do to him? Describe the person who gave him the drink.

6. What is different about Dipper when he wakes up in the morning?

7. How do Mabel and Zeus feel about Dipper’s different voice? Does Dipper decide to change his voice?

8. Where does Dipper put the red potion?

--------Story 2--------- Zeus’ [Soos' Story]----------

9. What do Soos and the children cheat at? What happens because of their cheating?

10. BONUS: Why doesn’t Soos want to save them all? [Hint: Zeus is actually spelled Soos]

--------Story 3--------- Mabel’s Story----------

11. How does Mabel use the book to make Great Uncle ‘Gruncle’ Stan tell the truth?

12. When it comes to Great Uncle ‘Gruncle’ Stan is truth always the a good thing?

13. Who lies to save Gruncle Stan?

14. How do the characters exit the bottomless pit?

15. What happens to Gruncle Stan at the end?




Gravity Falls Season 1 Episode 13: Boss Mabel 

Vocabulary (some of these terms will be rather easy, I wrote this episode for lower-intermediate student in the past)

Tourist: (noun) the people on vacation

Boss: (noun) the leader of a business

Wager/Bet: (noun) a contest or game with where the winner gets money or goods from the loser

Selfish: (adjective) greedy, someone who is always thinking about the self

go insane: (verb phrase) go crazy

demeaning: (adjective) causing someone to lose thier dignity and the respect of others

attraction: (noun--2nd meaning) an interesting thing that attracts people 

put up with (thing or person): to allow thing or person to continue, but to believe that person or thing is annoying, offensive, and negative

grumpy: (adjective) unhappy and possibly a little mean 

grump: (noun) a person who is usually grumpy


1.     Is the Mystery Shack scary? BONUS: What does Uncle Stan see when he looks at tourists?

2.     Describe the work Stan forces Dipper and Mabel to do for tourists. Is Dipper's job demeaning?

3.     Who is the new boss of the mystery shack? What was the bet that Mabel made with Stan?

4.     How does Stan get on the game show? Is Stan a selfish man?

5.     Describe the show that Stan is on.

6.     What does Dipper get from the forest for a new, real attraction? Do the tourists like it?

7.     BONUS: What does Dipper mean when he says he “just made two people go insane”? How did he do this?

8.     What was the gremlin's (monster's) worst fear?

9.     Does Stan make a lot of money on the game show?

10.     Who won the bet? What did the loser have to do? 


Gravity Falls, Season 1 Episode 12: “Summerween”

unnatural: not natural, not normal

costume: special clothing used for halloween or acting (in plays, TV, movies etc.)

aisle: a hallway in a store with products

lack: to be without

off the chain”: (phrase) amazing, super cool

Summerween: (noun) a false or un-true holiday like Halloween in the summertime

Trickster: (noun) a person who is bad or tries to trick and cheat others

Result: (noun) the thing that happens after, the answer, reaction


1. What holiday is it in Gravity Falls?

2. Does great uncle Stan pay for all the goods at the holiday supply store?

3. What type of children does the Trickster focus on?

4. Why doesn’t Dipper want to go trick-or-treating?

5. VOCABULARY: What does Wendy mean when she says the party will be “off the chain”?

6. What does the Summerween Trickster want from the children? Does Mabel have hope? Is Dipper happy to help out?

7. What is great uncle Stan trying to do all night?

8. Are Dipper and Mabel a good costume team? What are they dressed as?

9. How does Dipper lose all the candy?

10. Why do Dipper and Mabel get in a fight?

11. Describe the Summerween Trickster. What is he made of?

12. What stupid thing does Zeus do, what does the Summerween Trickster do as a result?

13. What happens to the people who the Summerween Trickster ate?

14. How does Gruncle Stan finally scare the children?



"Little Dipper"



to exact vengeance’: (verb phrase) make perfect revenge

flashlight: a mobile (move-able) light used for camping etc.

revenge: negative re-payment or punishment for past actions

superior: (adjective) better

evolving: (verb)growing, developing, changing to become something new

sibling: (noun) brother or sister

engineer: to design the shape

miniature: (adjective) very, very small

1. What is Gideon trying to do to the Pines family?

2. Is Mabel good at games like chess?

3. Why does Mabel say she is “evolving into the superior sibling. Bigger! Stronger! Alpha twin!”

4. What does Dipper go into the forest looking for?

5. Please describe the unusual animals Dipper discovers.

6. What tool does Dipper engineer with the magic crystal?

7. What does Gideon do with the flashlight?

8. Is Gideon kind and respectful to his mother and father?

9. How do miniature Dipper and Mabel get back to the Mystery Shack?

10. What is Gideon’s weakness? In other words, how do Mabel and Dipper defeat Gideon?

11. Is Gideon still interested in vengeance?



Season 1 Episode 9 "The Time Traveler's Pig"

“The Time Travelers Pig”

safety inspection stickers: (noun phrase) stickers that say a game, ride, or restaurant are safe

fair: (noun) a traveling group of outside rides and games

dork: an person who is not cool or popular

bald: (adjective) no hair on the top of the head

out of the question: (phrase) not possible, against the rules


1.     What is the meaning of the safety inspection stickers that great uncle Stan has asked the children to put all over the rides at the fair? Are they true/real?

2.     What does the time traveler look like? Is he bald?

3.     What does Robbie mean when he calls Dipper and Mabel ‘dorks’?

4.     What does Mabel win at the fair?

5.     What does Dipper do when he tries to win a toy for Wendy?

6.     What does the time traveler mean when he says letting Dipper use the machine is ‘out of the question’?

7.     What does Dipper want to change about the past? Is it easy to change the past?

8.     How does Mabel feel about her new pet?

9.     What does Dipper use math to do?

10. Why does Mabel become upset? BONUS: Why doesn’t Dipper want to travel back in time again?

11. BONUS: Where in history do the children go? Describe some of the places they visit.

12. What happens to the bald time traveler?

13. Opinion Question: Where in time/space would you want travel if you could go anywhere at any time?


Season 1 Episode 8 "Irrational Treasure"


Here is another video supplier to try: 

Debatable: (adjective) open to discussion or argument

Pioneer: (noun) a person who is first to settle or make their home in a wild land

Nacho (chip): (noun) a triangle shaped chip made out of corn

Make fun: (expression) to laugh at someone, usually in a mean way

Win in a landslide: (expression) to win by a huge number of votes

Have in common: (expression) to have as the same (usually interests or personal tastes)

fraud: (noun) a fake, a person who lies and tricks others for benefits (such as money, fame, etc.)

Diamond in the rough: (expression) a person who looks less amazing and valuable than they truly are

Peanut brittle: (noun) a caramel and peanut hard candy

cover-up: (noun, can also be a verb) a story told to stop people's discovering the truth about something. 

  1. Give a brief summary of the episode.
  2. The holiday is pioneer day, what does it celebrate? Describe the town during pioneer day.
  3. The ceremony commences (vocabulary point), who is the blonde girl who speaks and what is her relationship with Mabel? The girl's family claims to be the descendants of the founders of Gravity Falls, what is a founder? 
  4. Why does Pacifica make fun of Mabel's earrings? Is Mabel silly? 
  5. Where is Gruncle Stan trapped all day?
  6. What information does Dipper discover about Pacifica his family and his mysterious book?
  7. Are Pacifica and her family frauds (not the true founders of Gravity Falls)?
  8. Are the policeman good at their jobs? What were they trying to stop the children from learning?
  9. Bonus: What secret did Mabel discover about Benjamin Franklin?
  10. Describe the secret of Quentin Trembley. He won in the election in a landslide (vocabulary point), what does that mean? Why did he lose popularity? 
  11. What do Mabel and Quinton Trembley have in common?
  12. What is the secret to longer life in this episode?
  13. Who tells Pacifica that her family is a fraud and their founder's story is a cover-up? Do they find it satisfying?



Season 1 Episode 7- Double Dipper

Double Dipper from Jacob Reed on Vimeo.






Gravity Falls S01 Ep06 Dipper vs Manliness - Dailymotion Video from Daniel on Vimeo.

Season 1 Episode 6 Dipper vs. Manliness       <-- click on this link if you cannot see the right side of the video, please remember to close any pop-ups, no downloading is needed

Vocabulary to review (before watching please)

Unprofessional: (noun) poor/bad abilities in doing some job or business, bad worker behavior

Customer: (noun) a person who is shopping at a store

Manliness: (noun) the measure or amount of strong, powerful man-ness

Manly: (adjective) like a man

Crush: (noun) a strong romantic feeling for someone

Multi-: (prefix) many, more than two

1.     What do the kids want to do in the morning? What unprofessional thing does Stan do to a customer?

2.     What does Dipper hope to win at the restaurant?

3.     Why do Mabel and Great Uncle Stan think Dipper will fail the manliness test?

4.     Who does Great Uncle Stan have a crush on?

5.     How do Mabel and Zeus try to help Stan to speak to women? Is it easy?

6.     Describe the manly monsters that Dipper meets.

7.     How do the monsters train Dipper to be more of a man?

8.      What large and scary monster is Dipper asked to kill to become a ‘true man’?

9. Can the monster speak? Is it kind?

10.     Why does Dipper become friends with the multi-bear?






Season 1 Episode 5: The Inconveniencing

Episode Vocabulary

Crush: (noun) secret romantic feelings for someone

First impression: (noun phrase) a judgment of a person based on the first meeting

Awkward: (adjective) uncomfortable feeling, silent or strange

Convenience store: (noun) a small store with many different kinds of products

Frightened: (adjective) scared

Courage: (adjective) bravery

Haunted: (adjective) filled with ghosts or spirits

Occupy: (verb) go inside of a place (in this case a person) to live in it or use it

Possess (with ghosts or spirits): (verb) to go inside the brain of a person and control their body

Shocking: (adjective) extremely surprising in a scary or bad way

Appease: (verb) to soothe the anger or sadness of a person


1.    Describe Wendy’s secret spot, where is it located?

2.    Why is Dipper acting strangely? Who does he have a crush on?

3.    What is a first impression? Does Dipper make a good first impression on the teenagers? What about his ‘second impression’?

4.    What scary place do Mabel and Dipper visit with the teenagers? Who feels frightened?

5.    Why does Dipper show so much courage?

6.    What does Mabel eat and how does it affect her? Why do you think it was covered with “Do not sell” signs?

7.    What does Dipper see in the freezer? Why doesn’t he want to tell the others?

8.    What does Dipper see in the glass reflection?

9.    Why can’t Mabel help Dipper?

10.  What begins to happen to Wendy’s teenaged friends?

11. Who does the spirit occupy or possess and speak through?

12. Who do the ghosts hate? Can you describe one of their reasons for hating this age group?

13. How does Dipper appease the ghosts to save Wendy and her friends?