Zara, one of the biggest fashion retail brand, has announced that all of its clothes will be made from 100% sustainable fabrics before 2025. It is well known that fast fashion represented by Zara has a huge amount of bad effect on the global environment. Now I welcome that Zara's a belated action with open arms. It should've done earlier.   


It is far less insufficient to reduce the negative impact on our environment from this announcement. Fast fashion has been severely criticized by pollution and labor matters. Especially child labor problem was serious during a cotton production in Ukraine. And For the making Jeans, a lot of water has been wasted - almost 7000L per one jeans. To that effect, the Aral Sea near Kazakhstan is drying up to show their bottoms. Furthermore, a huge amount of unwanted garment was piled up mountain-high, literally. Fast fashion provides such a bargain price for customer people usually buy products more than needs. 


In Korea, we don't consider a problem from fast fashion in earnestly. People cannot realize the seriousness of environmental pollution. That's why people don't have experience of making garments. They just buy one which made in a developing country. 


I think It would be needed that big fashion company should have more responsibility to reduce pollution on their supply chain. It would slow down a bit the day we encounter major environmental disaster.