Everyone expected Hiccup to do something like his father. Hiccup was a scrawny boy with no friends at all. He had bushy brown hair that covered most of his face. He was shortest among his friends and was always the last one picked. He was not the ideal heir to the throne of Berk. His father was the exact opposite of him. Stoick was big, strong, and brave. He has been waiting 14 years for Hiccup to do something great but so far, nothing. Trying to get these awful thoughts out of his head Hiccup told himself, “This year I’ll do something to make my dad proud. I WILL do something great.”


He was trying to carry a big box which had all his stuff in it. There were books, notes, and a lot of pencils. There were many students on the school grounds, waiting for the Opening ceremony to begin. As Hiccup walked down the aisle of chairs everyone whispered and stared. 

I got help for teacher Melanie. Please enjoy (^_^)