Once upon a time, there was a lion named Leo. Leo was a special lion. He was a vegetarian so he had his own farm. On his farm, there were carrots, radishes, cabbage, and, his favorite vegetable, broccoli. He loved broccoli. He made broccoli salad, broccoli pizza, broccoli juice, broccoli soup, and also broccoli ice cream. One day, Leo was going to pick broccoli for his dinner. He was going to make a broccoli cake but there was a problem. His farm was too far from his house. So Leo rode his wagon to the broccoli farm. When it was time to get back to his house he rode the wagon again. When he arrived at his house. he was going to get down from the wagon but he was stuck. A few minutes later, a street cat came to rescue him. Finally he made and ate his broccoli cake. The broccoli cake was fantastic!