Hi, I’m a chicken. I’m not a normal chicken. I am a chicken that can drive a car, speak other bird languages, make most of the things I need, and ride a horse. I work for a company called “Free.” It is supposed to mean “Future Time”. Actually, I don’t know what “Future Time” means.

Today, I should go to the lake because there are lots of flamingos there. Secretly I will test them to see if they will be a good addition to our company.  If they do well I will ask them to join us. 

Now I should go in. Wait a second, I’m a chicken and they’re flamingos. I live on the ground and they live in the water. But sometimes they comes out. Whatever.

Oh! I totally forgot. I can make most of the things I need. I will make shoes with one meter high heels . As I start to make them, every flamingo turns and watches me. They think I’m a crazy chicken or possibly drunk. Ta-Da!!! This is my new invention. I will name it Longwood. Now the crazy work begins!