Homework: Write a story using the following words: pizza, submarine, squirrels, Van Gogh, sleeping bags  


Do you like Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings? Most people do. But not only do people like his paintings there is the squirrel that likes them too. This squirrel is very unique. He has a smartphone, a teleporter, and a magic broomstick. The most unique thing that the squirrel has is this submarine. But, it is not the submarine that you are thinking of. Yeah, it can go under water, but once there, it can travel through time. It’s like a time machine. 

Today the squirrel is going to ride the submarine and go to the time when Van Gogh lived. He will ask Van Gogh to paint a picture of him. 

Now the journey begins. In his backpack the squirrel put his favorite sleeping bag, acorns, sunflower seeds, and a pizza. Three hours later…. now he arrives to the time of Van Gogh. He can talk but he knows that if people see a talking squirrel they will be very surprised. So, he made a magical potion to turn himself into a human but the potion will wear off in three days.  The mission is going totally fine. He finds Van Gogh and becomes his friend. He gives him some sunflower seeds and pizza and asked Van Gogh to paint his picture. The squirrel is so happy that his favorite artist will draw him but, if Van Gogh remembers the squirrel, the future will change. Sadly, he has to erase Van Gogh’s memory of him but he writes a short letter to say goodbye. 

The squirrel comes back to the present and puts the picture on his wall. This picture is a secret picture that Van Gogh can’t remember painting. Only one creature knows this picture’s history. 


The End.