Writing assignment: Make a story out of the following words: Turkey, gun, mountain, cloud, zombie




If suddenly there were zombies outside trying to kill you it would be terrible. This story is about a zombie outbreak in a small town. The first zombie was a turkey. On Thanksgiving day, a woman ate a zombie turkey and became the first zombie. This started the outbreak but an interesting thing was that anyone under twenty years old didn’t turn into zombies. They didn’t know why. 

One day, an old lady came and explained how to heal the zombies and make them human again. It could be easy or hard. They needed to climb all the way to the top of a mountain and collect a bottle of clouds. So, the journey began. Seven twenty years old students and three nineteen year old students made a team to rescue all the zombies in their town. They walked and walked and started to climb the mountain. They arrived at the top of the mountain and collected all of the clouds they could. Then they headed back down. But there was a problem. Two zombies suddenly came out!!! Steven, who was 20 years old, took out a gun from his pocket,shot the zombies, and ran away. When they got back to town they put the clouds in the middle of the town and said a spell. “Sunny Daisy Yellow. Turn these stupid zombies back to mellow.” The spell worked. Everybody zombie in town turned back to human. 



The end!!!