Homework: Write a story using the following words: key, painting, leopard, train, rainbow





I’m going to tell you how a common leopard become a god of thunder…like Thor. The common leopard was called “C.L.” which stood for “Common Leopard.” He was little more strange than other leopards. He loved blueberries more than meat. One day, he was going to the blueberry tree to eat some fresh blueberries. Then he saw a rainbow, but the rainbow was really strange. For two weeks it hadn’t rained. Also, the rainbow was straight. C’mon!!  Most rainbows look like a “U” but this rainbow looked like a lower case “l.” C.L. started to run to find out what was going on. Oh my god!! A key was falling down from the sky very slowly, like a feather. He grabbed the key but nothing happened. He started to paint a picture with the key, then he bit the key and threw it. But still nothing happened. When he lifted his paw, a hole appeared. He grabbed the key, put it inside, and turned it. “Toot! Toot!” A train was coming. Then the train kicked him inside and they rode a rainbow road. The train went up high…up, up, up! When the train stopped the train kicked him again. He was on a cloud. Whoa! Animals that have keys? On their neck? They were walking, laughing, and running. They were totally the same as other animal that C.L. had seen. In that moment C.L. thought, “What’s going on?” Suddenly, a lion, a big lion, that had wings and a snake tail, came to C.L. and said, “You’re the new god of thunder! And this is the place that where you’re going to live” Holy Moly!! This lion is definitely drunk! C.L said “I’m going back home, there are no blueberries on this place.” Then the drunk lion said, “I will give you a golden blueberry tree and also a blueberry farm.” C.L. was surprised. “OK…deal. I’m going to live as long as I can and I will die on my blueberry farm. Let’s go and get some blueberries.” Actually, he became the god of thunder because of blueberries. Ahh blueberry lover.    The end!