Homework: write a Legend using these words: Tree, lizard, sun, mask, poison




This legend is about the Earth’s creation. Before the sun was hot, every creature was living there. The four spirits helped the creatures live. The water spirit, named Wat, made it rain for the farmers and made the sea calm for the fishermen. The air spirit, Ai, made the air clear and, in summer, made the wind blow. The ground spirit, Gro, made the trees big and made the soil fertile for the farmers. Lastly, the fire spirit, Fi, made fires to warm the creatures during winter. 

Every creature on the  Sun was comfortable and happy but one day the Sun was trying to wake up from a deep sleep. The trees became bare, the ground cracked, and there was a terrible drought. Poison leaked out from the ground. Wat kept trying to make it rain but it didn’t work. The four spirits realized that they needed to find a new place to live. They told a lizard to find a good place.

First, the lizard went to Mars and the four spirits went with him. Wat tried to make it rain and Gro tried to plant trees but, for some reason, it didn’t work. So they told the lizard to find a new place to live. Finally, they found Earth. It was a perfect place. Wat laid down and became a sea. Gro sat down and became the mountains and the ground. Fi sat next to Gro and became a volcano. Last, Ai jumped up and became the air and wind. All the creatures came to Earth and they started to live. Since then a lot of time has passed but the creatures are all happy with their new planet.