Under the sea, there was a group named G.O.L.D. That group was fulled with goldfishes. One of thee goldfish, Ruben said, " Hey guys I'm tired of living on this low sea zone. Some of us was killed by humans. It's time for going deep! " And then, most of goldfishes agreed. So they decided to explore deep sea. They first saw many other fishes swiming around. And next, they saw a collosal squid. He spalashed ink for fun. And then he said, " Hey G.O.L.D's where are you guys going? A-ha! Deep sea? Its full of danger... but you guys are breve so thats ok. " Many goldfishes such as Ruben, Kane, Brian, James, and many more said, " Lets Do It!!!!! " But some of goldfishes ran away from fear. Thirdly, they saw a crashed ship. At the boat, there was some words said, " T....I..T...A........N...I...C..... " What ever... Those goldfishes dosent like reading that much. But after then they saw a skelleton! Maybe that was people who died from T...I.......T.....N... Accident. Later there was very small amount of goldfishes. Lastly, Ghost appeared!!! Whhhhoooooaaaa! There was only ruben the gold fish standing along with ghos.... But actually it was Dumbo the octopus. Ruben was mad at other goldfishes. At last, Dumbo and Ruben became friends.