Alcatraz Island and the tower of london is both terrible place to live as a criminal. Alcatraz Island is hateful to go as a criminal because this jail is at the middle of the sea, that you can nevr get out of there, and also the average year of living in jail is eight years, so they had to live there for too many years with no hope to run away. The tower of London is hateful to go as a criminal because at here there are a lot of torturing tool so if you do a little mistake, you`ll be totured in a second.


       If I have to choose a place to live, I would chhose to live in Alcatraz Island. Because, Alcatraz island is just a jail, but the tower of london is a kind of torturing place. I can be safely living there if i go to Alcatraz island, but I may be tortured if I went to the tower of london.