You will be curious about the Jubot hotel. Let me tell you. First, there is a robot in the next to the door, so when you come in, you can see it saying, "Hello." And next, you need to go to lobby's counter to check in. Then, robot will check your fingerprint. If checking finger print is ended, you need to go to your room. But first! You Need to put your bag in the box, so box can be delivered faster than you. If you go to the front of the room's door, then you can check your fingerprint to go in. There is your bag delivered with box, and there is two robots in there. they could talk, and turn off lights, open the window, ride a container ride, and many more. Ah-a! You may be curous what is container ride. You may remember the box, you can ride in there. There is three way to ride it. One way is going to lobby, second way is go to the top of the hotel, and there's the swimming pool. And the last way is going to B1. You can enjoy ping pong , board games, computer games, VR games in there. You can also skate or play ice hocky in the B2. Now, have fun in the Jubot hotel!