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Living in: Florida

Teacher at English Aloud since Jan. 2011

She is not teaching at the moment.




TESOL Certificate, TEFL International (Ban Phe, Thailand), March 2009

B.A. English, Psychology, Univ. of Colorado (Boulder, CO, USA), Sep 2004-May 2008

H.S. Diploma, Cheyenne Mountain H.S. (Colorado S.,CO, USA), Sep 2000-May 2004




Online English Teacher at English Aloud, Korea: Since Jan 2011

English Writing Instructor CMU (Chiang Mai, Thailand), Oct 2009-March 2010

English Teacher, Watchirawit Secondary School (Chiang Mai, Thailand), April-Dec 2009

Administrative Secretary, School for Film and TV (NYC, NY, USA), June-July 2005




English Teacher, Rayong Provincial Schools (Rayong, Thailand) March 2009

Elementary Tutor, Eisenhower School (Boulder, CO, USA) May 2007-Aug 2008

Improvisation Teacher, CU Improv. Troupe (Boulder, CO, USA) Jan-Aug 2008

Children's Birthday Performer & Face Painter (Boulder, CO, USA) June-July 2005

Reading Tutor, Canyon School (Colorado Springs, CO, USA) Sep 2003-May 2004

Acting Teacher, CMHS Theatre Class (Colorado S., CO, USA) Jan-May 2004

Reading Tutor, CS Homeless Shelter (Colorado S., CO, USA) Sep 2000-May 2003

Cheerleading Coach, CM Cheer Camp (Colorado S., CO, USA) Sep 2000-Dec 2003

Youth Counselor, CS Homeless Shelter (Colorado S., CO, USA) Sep 2000-May 2003

Actress (Colorado S., Boulder, CO, and NYC, NY, USA) Sep 2000-Aug 2008