Teacher: Christie



 My Summer Story  

My story is a short, but a memorable one. I had one of the most incredible ones so far this past summer. Let me tell you all about it. I had originally had nothing special or wonderful planned for the summer. Like so many middle school Koreans, the summer was all about studying, studying, and more studying. I knew my summer would have no trip, no playing, no freedom, and no fun. I didn't expect anything in my exciting during my summer. Until one special day when I caught a very special show on a TV channel. The characters on the show made a roller coaster, made a monster truck and traveled to space. This show gave me a great idea. If the summer vacation would not be fun, I'll could choose and make it fun. I'm going to do something to help me have some fun regardless. I started to play a guitar, ride a skateboard, and make movies with my friends. Other people might think that these things are ordinary and not fun, but for me, it was to best summer I can remember. The reason it was so memorable was because of all the fun I had and had not anticipated.