Teachers: Stephy/Lowrie


Last summer I went to an English camp. It was really far away from my house. I was half scared and half excited. My dad said don't worry it will be good. You can learn a lot more about English. The hotel room was very big. It was so hot that when I turned on the air conditioner it didn't work well, so I slept outside. That night, I was so furious I went to the front desk and shouted, "Why is the A/C not working!?" The front desk said, "Sorry, we you can't turn on the air conditioner, I'm so sorry." That night I was missing my mom and I cried a lot. I called her at 4:30am. She was sleeping, but answered my call. I said, "Oh sorry Mom, but I miss you a lot! But the teacher came and told me that it would only be two weeks and I could enjoy my time.


I liked lunch time a lot because there was american food. For example, there was fish-n-chips, steak, corn, and cereal. I especially liked the steak. However, I really missed kimchi. One thing I was so surprised by was that I studied Law and university level science. There was so much homework that I couldn't even sleep.


The first friday was Friday the 13th. There was a big party with a zombie room, ghost room, and mummie room. My teacher told me to take one sticker from the T.V. Every time I took a sticker I got a point. It was hard to find the T.V. in every room. I had to go quickly and quietly inside each room so I didn't disturb the monsters. The zombie room was especially scary, because if I was touched by the zombie then I would also become one. I got two points that means I didn't go to jail. 


The next day was Saturday and I did an English level test. I scored the highest. Everyone saw me and clapped. The next day we went to the swimming pool and I thought the pool was very deep, but it was not deep. It was only one meter. Someone peed in the pool and I could see the yellow water around him. I ran out of the pool and I said to my teacher, “Oh no, he peed in there!” So we stopped playing in the pool and went back to the hotel. It was the last day and I was delighted because I ate toast, rice cakes, spaghetti, chicken, and even kimchi. I got a USB flash drive from the camp and then went home.