My Fairy Adventure:

Hello everyone, my name is Pristine. I want to tell you my pretty summer story!! 

Every summer I go to Tinkerbell’s house. The reason I can make this special trip is that my family is best friends with Tinkerbell’s family.

We met one day when I was at the beach. I saw a very gorgeous girl flying by the sea; she was about the size of a Barbie doll and she had beautiful white, sparkly wings! We talked, played by the sea, and became really good friends, so Tinkerbell gave everyone in my family wings! 

With our sparkly golden wings we can fly to the fairy city, which is on a secret island near Hawaii. Tinkerbell's house is a very big castle because her parents are the King and Queen of the fairy island. Tinkerbell is the princess. Inside the castle it’s beautiful: one room is an ice room, another is a playroom, another is a flower room, yet another is a music room, and there are many, many more! 

Last summer, Tinkerbell and I went on a special adventure with the water fairy. We visited the fairy water park. There was a special pool, and water slides that we rode on many times! We ate ribs for lunch and then Tinkerbell went to the bathroom. Two or three minutes later I couldn't find her. The water fairy and I went to look for Tinkerbell, but we couldn't find her anywhere! 

Then my cellphone rang and a woman said, “I have Tinkerbell!! Bring me a magic beauty potion and I will give her back.” We knew then that it was the water princess! She kidnapped Tinkerbell because she was jealous! The water princess was the water-fairy’s sister, but they were opposites. The water fairy was great. But the water princess was ugly, mean, and stupid! 

I went to Tinkerbell’s house. I knew what to do: I put some mango juice and sleeping medicine in a golden cup. Then I went to the water princess’ house. I told the princess, “This drink is a magical beauty potion. Quickly, drink it all!” I was lucky the water princess was so stupid! In just one minute, she fell asleep and started snoring! I saved Tinkerbell and we became BFFs, best friends forever!
Thank you very much for listening to my story! Goodbye!