Hi, my name is Judith Lee. I am 8 years old. Nice to meet you!  

   I have a coin that says Niagara Falls and that has a picture of it. Yes, last summer I went to Niagara Falls. It was a really fantastic waterfall and I had never seen it before! I had never seen such big rainbows before, either! I rode a boat and went close to the waterfalls. That time, I wore a raincoat, so I didn’t get wet much. But it was so awesome that I can still vividly remember the coldness of the water. I think we would not see all the rainbows and waterfalls, if the USA and Canada were not connected there. Everything was so wonderful to me that I can’t forget anything about it. I was so happy when I was there. I think people will love Niagara Falls very much like me. Some day I’d like to visit there again with my family and stay there a very long time. But I can’t wait so long. My beautiful Niagara Falls! Don’t forget me! See you later!