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Chicago was very cold last year. People called it Chi-beria. I barely went out at all at the time. One day, the temperature was about -20, and something happened. I misstepped, and fell off the stairs. It was so painful that I couldn't see straight. Luckily, I calmed down, but unluckily, I had a sprained ankle. I needed to go see a doctor, but my medical insurance was expired.
I thought I was OK without insurance in America. That thought was a huge mistake.
I had to find a Korean physician who could discount the medical fee. Finally, I found one who was really nice. He wrapped my leg, but I wore Ugg boots. When I tried to wear the boot, it was too small. Thankfully, he gave me a medical boot. I thought everything would go well and then I went to sleep.

My wrapped leg swelled up and it woke me up a lot. Eventually, I called my mom in Korea to tell her I was in such pain. I said, please call the doctor, and told her what was happening to me, screaming and crying. She said it was 7pm in Korea; all clinics except the emergency room were closed. I said “All hospitals in the U.S. are also closed, because it's 4am here. I think it's better for you to call a Korean doctor.” 

Unfortunately, my mom told me no, so I just unwrapped my leg and tried to fall asleep. Having my leg unwrapped made me feel so much better. The next day, I called the doctor who wrapped my leg, and told him. He wanted me to come to his office again, so I did. I wore Ugg boots automatically because it was freezing outside.
The nice doctor wrapped my leg again, and my leg was too big for the boot again. I expected him to give me another boot as before but he did not. Instead, he put plastic bags on my leg and wrapped my leg with them twice. Since I didn't wear socks, my foot was only covered by plastic bags. I felt like I got a new model of Ugg boot that was made out of plastic bags. I called for a cab, but it was about a forty-minute wait until I could get a cab. I didn’t have enough time to wait for it; I just got out of the hospital to catch the cab, with my plastic-bag Ugg boot.

It was below freezing. I was outside without one shoe on, and people glanced at me. I almost explained it to them, “Because you are not a good person, you can’t see my left shoe.”  Like the Emperor in the Emperor's New Clothes.

I should've called the cab, because I was standing out there almost 40 minutes. When I arrived at home, I took a picture of the brand new bag boot and posted it on Facebook. All of my friends loved it.