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Hello I am Lucy. I’m glad to join this Writing Festival again! This time I want to talk about my skiing trip.

Last winter I went skiing with my friend Jiho, her brother and his friend. I was so excited because I hadn’t gone skiing in 2 years. Before we went skiing I was a little bit worried about my skiing ability, but I soon forgot about my worries because I was so excited. We took one hour to get there. We were so anxious that we wanted to go skiing as soon as possible. However, it was 12 o’clock so we decided to eat lunch first.

 After lunch, Jiho and I were looking at the courses. It had 5 different courses: Very Easy, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. As I told you before, I wasn’t that confident in my skiing ability so I said to my friend Jiho, “Umm..How about riding in the Intermediate course first?”

She said, “Let’s go to the beginner course first! We need to practice.”

So we went to the beginner course first.

When I arrived at the top of the hill, I got in the position to go down. In the first few seconds, I felt excited but it soon changed to fear. Some aspects of skiing technique slipped my mind, including how to stop. So I hit everyone that was near me. I fell down and rolled. At the end of the course, my friend consoled me and we both laughed. I was so embarrassed and depressed. However, I couldn’t stop skiing.

Jiho became my ski mentor. She took me to the Very Easy course. She taught me how to walk, how to adjust my speed, how to stop and how to change my direction. After practicing, we went to the Beginner course again. This time I did well! I felt proud of myself and I realized how important practice and effort are. I practiced more and more so I could be more in control while skiing. I told myself not to get discouraged whenever I fell down and felt afraid. Finally I was able to ride on the Advanced course. Even if it was not the Expert course, I was still proud of my accomplishment.

We skied for a total of 8 hours. After that, we ate dinner together then drove back home. I was so exhausted, yet satisfied with my day. On the way home we slept in the car because we were so tired. While I was sleeping in the car, I dreamt that I was a ski expert. I was riding like an Olympic skier! Someday, I hope my dream will become a reality.

Thank you for listening to my Winter Story. Bye! J