When I was 10 years old I went to the mudflats with my family, including my grandparents and other relatives like aunts, uncles and cousins. When I arrived our family played a silly quiz game and some other games. There was some prize for the winner and the prize was household goods like dish soap, pots and cooking utensils. It was fun.



After that we ate lunch. Lunch was san-nakji and some other food. The san-nakji was small, but delicious. I played with my sister in the mud and we got very dirty. And it became night. My dad suggested that I go out to catch the sea creatures. I didn’t think there were many creatures, but when I went out there were so many different creatures. Like prawns and some the other creatures. When I finished picking the creatures I was tired so I needed to rest. I watched TV and I slept. In the morning I ate doenjang-guk there were periwinklesin it that I caught the night before. It was delicious. In the mudflats it was fun and exciting to me. And it was the best place that I have ever been to.