Last summer, I went to camp with a few of my school friends. We went because we are the student president and vice president. The place we went was named 'Jeongeup'. My friends, some other classmates, and I slept at a small resort, like an ordinary house. This house was a two storey house, but we didn't use the second floor. The first floor had a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom.


            When we were at the camp, we did lots of fun activities. The first was feeding goats. After we woke up, we climbed a mountain, and fed goats some leaves. I learned an interesting thing about goats. They never ate the leaves another goat already has eaten, and the goats were so strong like a bear, I was pulled very hard when feeding them the leaves.


             Another fun activity was making pizza and cheese. First we made teams and made sweet potato pizza. We put onion, meat, tomato sauce, cheese and mashed sweet potatoes on the pizza. When the pizza was baking, we made cheese. First we ripped the hard cheese into small pieces, and melted the cheese pieces in hot water. Last, we put back together the cheese pieces and took them home. We ate pizza for lunch at the camp with a pork cutlet, and I ate cheese at home on bread with my family. The pizza and cheese on bread were so delicious; I want to eat them again.


            It was so fun to go to the camp, feed goats and to make pizza and cheese with my friends. When I have another chance I want to go to the camp again with my family, and do lots of fun activities.