Teacher: Carrie




I never thought I would become an adult. Now, the time has come. I'm an adult. This year was my first year being an adult, and the year of my first total failure.


My major in school at Sejong University in Seoul is Engineering. The primary subject for my major is Physics but I had never learned Physics in my whole life. My professor expected students to know the basics of physics, which I had never learned. More than that, the professor assigned my seat at the back of the class so I couldn't even see the board. It was a total catastrophe from the start. Now you might expect what would happen next if you were in my situation: I failed Physics.


There is one more factor that makes failing physics feel so terrible. In Seoul, on my own away from family, for the first time, I could do whatever I wanted. I was so distracted by all the things I could do, and without parental guidance, there were no limits that could stop me. Also, I had to do everything for myself, such as cleaning, laundry, etc.. These factors adversely affected my grades.


At the end of the year, I discovered the root of my problem.

It was an easy conclusion to draw: I lacked willpower.


Now that I know the problem, the only thing left to do is solve it. Strengthening one’s willpower takes very hard work, but I have to. I'm not a kid anymore.