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A Winter Tragedy


In winter when I was 6 years old, my neighbors always fought and I didn't know why.

Meanwhile, there was a grandmother in Florida who coughed a lot and had a fever. People stared, and nobody helped her. After that, others got the same disease. The grandmother died. People were frightened. Nobody tried to find a solution. My mom said, "We have to go to Florida to find out about this disease." 

I said, "Mom it’s dangerous.”

My father said, "Someone has to do this, however, nobody is doing it right now. Maybe our family must be this someone." 

We went to Florida. People were dying on the street, I was so shocked. Walking along, we found a child who was crying. My mom said, "Why are you crying?" 

The boy said "I'm six years old. My name is Tom. I lost my family. Can you help me?”

My father said, “Of course.”

We went to the hospital wearing masks and some special clothes for protection. People were dying, but we didn't know what to do. 

Father said, "Maybe we have to go to Washington D.C.” So, we got on an airplane. When we arrived in Washington D.C, Tom told us something amazing:

“I'm the prince of America. Sorry to tell you now. I know that you’re nice people, and I can tell you the truth. My family went to Florida to see patients, but I got lost. Can you bring me to the White House?"

We brought Tom to the White House. The president and his wife welcomed us. 

"Thank you for protecting our son. What can I do to thank you?" 

We said, “It's okay. We just did what we had to do." 

Then Tom said “Dad, let’s help them stop the disease! How about lending them a plane?" 

The president said "I don't know how to stop this terrible disease, but it's very good to hear that they are trying. I will give them my plane." 


Tom said "Dad! I want to go with them.” 

The President smiled, "Of  course. I'm very proud of you. Can you bring our son with you?" 

My family said “We're happy to. We’ll bring Tom back healthy." We took the plane to New York City and found something shocking.

In a very big hospital with many patients, we found that doctors didn't take care of the patients well, they looked at them like bugs. We thought it was strange.

My father said, "Before finding the medicine, people need to help each other. This is awful." 

He called the president, and told him about what happened. The President said, "How terrible. I will tell Americans to take care of each other." One hour later, the President gave a speech about this and many people were shocked. 

"Why is our president saying this? It's not medicine!” But they saw that the president was serious. 

Surprisingly, this terrible disease went away when people took care of each other. We found that the real medicine was love and trust. 

Do you remember the grandmother who died? People didn't care for her and it caused this big disaster.

Now, I'm 14 years old. And Tom? He became a good man. Trust and love your neighbor, or maybe you will experience this disaster!